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Phat Daddy & Angyl Valentino get it in after a bottle of Chardonnay
Phat Daddy & Angyl Valentino meet at the Fashion District Hotel for a few glasses of Chardonnay. After feeling the cold breeze on the roof top bar, they decide to head to the room for the night. Phat Daddy decides to take a shower to rinse off the alcohol where then he catches his friend peeking in on him in the shower...........What happens NEXT? Added 11/15/2011

A sexy green eyed boy by the name of DAVINCI get's caught wondering in the wrong neck of the would's by a country thug by the name of PHANTAZY and all hell breaks loose. While the boy tried his hardest to out run this thug but unfortunately he stands no chance
against this thugs hunger for some sweet ass.... so he's left to run for the life of his( AZZ.) Added 04/07/2012

Phat Daddy Starts his Day
This hung brotha Phat Daddy Shows off how he starts his day off with a good porno , a good nut followed by a hot shower. Added 05/10/2012

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