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About PhatDaddyXXX

Height : 6'1
Weight : Between 165 and 175 pounds
Clothing Size : 34-32 pants/shirts Large
Shoe Size : 12.5/13
Zodiac : Gemini
Lucky Number : 5
Favorite time of the year : Summer
Favorite TV Show : WALKING DEAD
Favorite Sport : Football
Favorite Holiday : Christmas
Favorite Colour : Red and Black
Favorite Music : R&B/Rap
Favorite Hobby : Video Games
Favorite Actress : HALLE BERRY
Favorite Actor : TYLER PERRY
Favorite Movie : GOOD DEEDS by TYLER PERRY
Favorite Porn Movie : WHO'S YOUR DADDY 2
Turn On : BIG AZZ
Turn Off : Bad Hygiene

Phat Daddy aka Cezar Dior is an award-winning leading man in the gay porn subgenre, "thugporn" or "hip hop sex." Born of mixed ethnicity in Lakeland, FL on May 21, 1987, Phat Daddy made his national debut in 2005 in an orgy scene on immediately followed by becoming FlavaMen Magazine's leading cover model in the Winter 2006 issue.

Blessed with amazing swagger -- an impressive 11-inch dick, a 6'1", 175 lb. tattoo-drenched frame, a boyish smile, dreamy brown eyes, the ability to spit smooth game to his conquest, a high sex drive and a knack for pounding the asses of some of "thugporn's" hottest on-screen talent (tag teaming alongside his real life brother, former porn star King Dingo, in numerous scenes) -- Phat Daddy quickly rose in the ranks to become one of the most popular names in all of urban adult entertainment.

Phat Daddy now is eager to take over the game with starting his own website and is distend to dominate the gay porn industry.